Ecological Landscape Design

Ecological Landscape Design

Ecological Landscape Design

Ecologically designed landscapes enhance the natural beauty and value of your property.


Your landscape design should look beautiful, but it should also be functional. Instead of solely considering the appearance of a plant, we consider whether it may provide shade, produce delicious fruits or vegetables, have a lovely scent, provide a habitat for wildlife, or even have a branch for a swing. This is an ecological approach to landscape design.

We love meeting with property owners and walking their site together, discussing ideas, and developing a plan on the spot. With our expertise in horticulture and agriculture, we can help you select the proper plants that will thrive here on the North Shore, creating both aesthetic and practical results.

Our goal is to understand what your vision is and provide the aesthetic guidance, sourcing expertise, and low-maintenance features needed to deliver a sustainable and beautiful design.


The Annisquam Landcare Design Process:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Conceptual design creation
  3. Review and refine concept
  4. Design creation
  5. Design presentation
  6. Maintenance planning

Our ecological design process starts and ends with you in mind.


We bring out the best in your property through organic innovation, products, and practices. We believe that thoughtful design and attention to ecology is required for maximizing the beauty, function, and ecological health of every unique property we visit. Some things that we may consider with you include:

  • Maintaining views – locate plantings so that trees and plants won’t mature to block views
  • Plants that will thrive in the local weather conditions
  • Proper drainage
  • Composition and layout that considers effective year-round maintenance
  • Color and experience for every season – from bulbs to winter berries
  • Creating an edible landscape