Landscaper Employment – Positions Available

Mowing Manager

The mowing manager is responsible for all aspects of the day to day work of the mowing team. This includes responsibility for quality and efficiency of the Mowing Assistant’s work, upkeep of mowing truck, and keeping the weekly mowing schedule. The mowing manager generally takes on the specific task of deck mowing. While the mowing manager is not required to have any prior mechanical expertise, it is crucial that he or she be able to quickly acquire a base level understanding and attentiveness to the mechanical functioning of both the truck, mowers, and trimmers. Mowing managers must be able to accomplish all tasks without supervision. The mowing manager must also be an effective communicator with administration and with those under his or her supervision. Please email your resume and cover letter.

Mowing Assistant

The mowing assistant is responsible for quickly and effectively understanding and acting on instructions from the mowing manager. He or she must adapt to, understand, and follow the daily mowing routines. The mowing assistant position generally carries primarily the task of string trimming, but also is responsible for push mowing and back-pack blowing. The mowing assistant must be able to understand and act quickly on commands given by management, to work at a fast pace, and to keep a consistent daily routine. Please email your resume and cover letter.

Organic Pesticide Applicator

This position involves responsibility for daily application of herbicides to both lawns and hardscapes. General tasks includes mixing, transporting, and using powered backpack sprayers to spray apply solutions. Applicants with a current MA pesticide applicators license are preferred, but this is not required. Individuals must be capable of extreme care handling product as well as filling out paperwork. Ability to work independently and responsibly without constant supervision is necessary. NOTE: ALI strongly rejects the use of toxic and synthetic pesticides. We value the health of our clients, our employees and the greater community, and will not use any product with high levels of toxicity or which would be considered dangerous to our employees or others. Please email your resume and cover letter.

Mechanical Technician

The ideal applicant is proficient with both auto and small engine repairs, with a strong emphasis on the latter. Auto requirements include skills in diagnosis and repair of mid size pickups and one ton dump trucks. The company’s day to day work involves use of varied power equipment, including (but not limited to): push mowers, deck mowers, string trimmers, combi powerheads and attachments, chainsaws, and blowers. Applicants should be comfortable working on all of the above. Please email your resume and cover letter.

And More

We are always looking to add quality personnel and if your specific skill set is not currently listed above, please consider calling us to discuss.