Our Team


Our Team

Annisquam Landcare, Inc. is an ecological landscaping company located in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Our company was established in 2002 to help residents and businesses on the North Shore and beyond enhance their landscapes. Our aim is to serve as stewards of the land, and to create and maintain beautiful, functional, ecologically healthy, and sustainable landscapes for the 21st century.

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Annisquam Landcare is NOFA accredited and a longtime member of the Ecological Landscaping Association. We have never applied toxic chemicals to a property; we use only safe natural or organic products including fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and ice melts. We provide safe, effective, and environmentally friendly landscape solutions and are constantly researching and developing innovative and cutting edge techniques. Through the application of craftsmanship, ecological practices, and natural and organic products, we will enhance the beauty, health, and sustainability of your property.