Featured Property 2019


Featured Property

Seaside Abode

These north shore homeowners hired Annisquam Landcare to design and install a beautiful & functional landscape for their property. They had recently purchased a property and wanted to completely redo the existing home and landscape. We designed, installed, and continue to maintain the landscape of this property. The homeowners are thrilled with the project. The following is their feedback regarding working with Annisquam Landcare.

“[Annisquam Landcare] did a great job of coordinating the plantings for our location and working with the contour of our property. Our landscaping truly complements our home and it supports and increases its market value.

The end result exceeds our expectations. We are truly pleased with the outcome.

We have hired Annisquam Landcare to maintain our landscaping for the foreseeable future. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Annisquam Landcare.

We receive many complements on the beauty of our landscaping.  We have been asked by many of our friends, family, and even passersby for the name of our landscape contractor, which we readily provided. Also, our architect was so impressed with the result of [Annisquam Landcare’s]s work, that he has asked [Annisquam Landcare] to work with him on other future projects.  We are grateful to the entire [Annisquam Landcare] team for providing us with a stress free project the results of which are amazing.” 

Before Photos:

“[Annisquam Landcare] provided us with a detailed realistic timeline prior to the beginning of our project which defined when each aspect of our project would begin and finish. [They] contacted us each Friday to inform us of the past week’s progress. Our home was in the final stages of construction when our landscaping project began so [the Annisquam Landcare] team had to deal with the logistics of working around plumbers, electricians, painters, and the installation of our geothermal HVAC system. Fortunately, [Annisquam Landcare] overcame these obstacles and our landscaping project was completed with only minimal delay.

[The staff at Annisquam Landcare are] great communicator[s], which my wife and I truly appreciated. Unlike several contractors we have hired in the past, [they are] very honorable and kept us informed of our achievements and setbacks throughout our project. [They are] very sensitive to the needs of the client.”

Transforming the Landscape:

“My wife and I met with [Annisquam Landcare] on several occasions during the past Winter and Spring to discuss our plant and tree preferences and our goals and objectives for the overall landscape design. We were very much involved throughout the plant selection process.  However, [Annisquam Landcare has] an extremely knowledgeable landscape designer who knows which species can survive in a seaside environment. Therefore, we asked him to provide us with his plant and tree recommendations to select from.

We were given detailed updated plans whenever revisions were made. [Annisquam Landcare] was also very much involved in our dealings with the Gloucester Conservation Commission. [They] attended Conservation Commission meetings with our attorney and provided the Commission with the detailed information they required to approve our landscaping project in a timely manner.”

The entire Annisquam Landcare team was extremely well managed, hardworking, competent, and organized. They worked hand in hand with our architect, Cummings Architects, to insure that our landscape design enhanced the architectural features of our home. Our General Contractor, Clarke Associates, informed us on several occasions that Annisquam landcare team and all of the Annisquam Landcare sub-contractors were very accommodating, extremely respectful, and a pleasure to work with.

We were extremely pleased that our project was completed within budget to our satisfaction.

We now have a wonderful oceanfront home, the beauty of which is enhanced by our well designed and coordinated landscaping plan that is worth every penny we invested in it.