Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

“Of The Highest Quality”

Annisquam Landcare is fully committed to bringing our clients landscape services and products ‘of the highest quality’ to fulfill all their landscaping needs.

We always take great pride and pleasure in our work. Furthermore, we recognize the value of our clients’ properties and the consequential privilege and responsibility bestowed upon us by our clients to protect and increase that value. Whether it’s enhancing a property through the design and construction of beautiful and functional new landscape features or maintaining the health and value of an existing area, we view ourselves as stewards of the land. Additionally, we honor our clients’ trust in us through our commitment to providing services and products of the highest quality.

By ‘of the highest quality’ we mean every facet of our business. We regard customer service, work ethic, and integrity as paramount. We’re constantly employing and continuing to develop our knowledge of ecology, design, construction, horticulture, and land care. Utilizing only the best best practices, craftsmanship, and non-toxic top quality products, we make every effort to find our clients the most cost effective strategies without sacrificing quality.